Vacation is the new relig…

Vacation is the new religion!!

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desh hi mera…

Samast bharatvasiyo ko Swatantrata Divas ki hardik shubhkamnaye!!

I am wholeheartedly thankful to our first generation of freedom fighters who showed great courage, trusted right leaders and believed in a common dream of free India. Today India is second largest populated country and one of the biggest consumer market in the world. The high economic growth in last decade has given us a hope that we may think bigger and have a bigger saying at world stage. Even a school of thought feels that India would become a world powerhouse. While demographics affirms this hypothesis, but I personally feel that it is yet to test ground. Though Indians are present in all the major institutions, domains, posts and geographies.
But which competency would bring the glory to Indians is yet to be discovered. The tiny investment is R&D and Human resources leaves very little hope on the possibility of such event. Even after 55 years of freedom, a development pro political system is not established. Leadership crisis could be felt in every field- politics, religion, society, academics or industry. I am unable to see what the fate of India is.

India has always believed in miracles and in existence of God as its savior. Is he the only hope? Or citizen of India could choose their fate themselves. If we believe that there in a leader in Million, then Indians need to find their 1300 leaders quickly and trust them. I feel that life of current generation is somehow secured, but what about our future generation. We need to act upon with urgency to give a thriving future to our next generation. Indians need to come out of their comfort zone and debate seriously while adopting a productive lifestyle. India has always awaken by challenges, I hope that the time has come !!

An Indian in retrospection…

Vande Matram !!

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Inman News 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader: 2010 |

The nominations are invited for year 2011.

Egg art

Is egg art so common? Its so mesmerizing !

1. Duniya walon


2. Veeru and basanti


3. Mausi


4. Basanti



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doodle art…

Can you believe that doodling is so fascinating !!

1. Mystical Full Moon


2. Blossoming Flowers in a Valley


3. Rain & Rainbow


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1 idiot

Shirdi bhai kya pose hi:)
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New Year 2010

This is Year 2010

While the world is busy celebrating the last evening of 2009, there are plenty who are either unaware of the celebration reasons or happy with their day today schedule, living in perpetuity. As per a survey 62% people stay at home and 7% prefer not to celebrate it presumably going to bed at their regular times.

I mentioned it as I am busy writing this blog and these were the two obvious thoughts which may pop up into your mind why I am not celebrating this new year eve. My way of celebrating festivals is a lil different as I try giving myself enough time to explore positive side of the festival.

The new year we celebrate on 1st Jan was started in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. The calendar marked by ‘leap year in each four year’ was named Gregorian calendar on Pope’s name.

This is perhaps one of the most celebrated festival across the globe. The celebration in the world starts with Australia. Melbourne and Sydney welcome the new year by fascinating fireworks which is seen by 3-4 Mn people each year.
Japan celebrates it as a sacred day and clean their houses along with performing religious rituals. China is not very excited by New year except few areas. In our country, it is being ruled by parties and social gathering. Participation of Bollywood celebrities is also seen in many parties. Celebration in Goa is one of the most awaited one by Indian as well as foreign tourists.
Russians celebrate new year eve with their friends and relatives at home. Most europian countries French people celebrate it with a feast and also shares resolutions & gifts. In Germany fire cracker at Berlin is attended by more than 1 Mn people. UK also celebrate new year with fire crackers around london eye. Scottland’s celebration is biggest in the world and last for 4-5 days. New year is a major social holiday in United States. Ball drop at Time Squar, newyork is a major event from past one decade which is followed by fire crackers.
There are other traditions like wearing red underwear (in Mexico, Spain) and dropping old clothes from windows.

New Year Celebration across the world ranges from fire crackers, social and family gather, feasts, gifts, new resolutions etc.

If I am asked to pick my new year celebration, it will be with my close friends with a variety of feasts and celebrations. New Year resolutions will have a great importance. I’ll avoid the crowd for sure :)

So have you decided how will be yours new year celebration??

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